The impltech development process

We want to let our partners and customers participate very closely in our development process and give them the opportunity to control the process. What is the software development process like at impltech? How can our partners participate? And how

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – one step closer to your platform!

Do you have an idea that you would like to realize? Or do you want to build a new platform to replace old technologies? Such a step is associated with risks and costs for most companies. If you don't have

Find the right IT outsourcing company

Many companies are faced with the challenge of hiring high-quality specialists and not letting staff costs get out of hand. This compromise often reaches its limits and there is almost never a perfect solution. Outsourcing certain services to other companies

How to choose a first class team of software developers?

In today's era of rapid digitization in almost all areas of activity, technical professions have become increasingly important and the end is not in sight. Above all, it affects the IT industry and specialists for various and new technologies. Programmers,