Digital distribution

Digital sales as a guarantee of success?

Digitization is omnipresent and is applied  in almost all areas of life. Nowadays, research and communication about products and services takes place on the Internet – these can be ordered at any time and from anywhere at the push of a button.

Customers use the Internet to buy clothes, household items and electronics, but also to take out insurance or book trips. The last few months in particular have made it clear how important it is that precisely these processes can be carried out online.

What is “digital sales”?

In the area of distribution, products and services are sold that brings the company sales and profit. Therefore, sales is usually seen as one of the essential tasks within a company. Digital distribution means that the marketing and the purchase take place via digital distribution channels and the internet is the primary sales channel. This in turn means that many sales steps will be automated through digitization and that the sale of products and services will primarily take place online. This is how the strengths of traditional sales are coupled with digitization.

Despite all the innovative technologies, business will continue to be based on communication, which inevitably does not have to be personal. People should continue to be a point of contact for customers as experts and consultants, but digital sales – for example, the automation of information transfer or the observation of prospective customers and purchasing behavior – offer many opportunities.

Customer portals and chatbots ensure optimal supply and personal support for customers. That’s why the interaction with experts remains an important component despite innovation.

Augmented Reality makes the customer feel like they are in a shop and can thus convince themselves of a product. Apps provide him with comprehensive information about a service or a product.

A CRM system helps to keep track of all information about customers. These can be used, for example, to evaluate data in a targeted manner, to generate customer needs and thus to create added value.

Trust as the most important sales secret

As already mentioned, the classic business trip no longer takes place in digital sales. The customer can no longer convince himself personally of the competence and quality of a product. On the Internet, he has to rely on pictures, descriptions and reviews from other people. Without the trust of the customers there is no purchase and without a purchase a company cannot generate any sales and therefore no profits. Therefore, trust plays an important role.

Digital sales as a guarantee of success?

Yes! We are of the opinion that digital sales offer many opportunities and should therefore be viewed as a guarantee of success. Basically, it is about redefining the sales role and thus creating new paths for your customers. We at impltech are convinced that digitization can greatly increase reach and open up ways to generate interested parties on new sales channels.

Digital sales offers you the opportunity to use various tools to monitor and enhance the behavior of prospects and customers so that you develop a better understanding of the needs of your prospects and customers.

So the big goal is to build trust with your customers and increase your deals. Suitable sales software is the foundation for achieving these goals and impltech can offer you this.

 Start your digital future with impltech

We see digitization in companies as a prerequisite for being successful in the future. Our experts work with you to develop a strategy that adapts your processes for your company to stay competitive. We help you to find a balance between automated and digital processes and personal, real customer relationships.

Impltech has a deep understanding and know-how of digitization in companies and can therefore provide you with the latest technologies that offer you a lot of advantages. Thanks to the digitalization of sales, our customers were able to generate sales control of up to 50% and reduce costs at the same time. We orient ourselves to the individual requirements of your company, your processes and customers. Our experts offer you the perfect opportunity for innovation and further development of operations in your company.