Why digitization not only saves trees, but also offers enormous opportunities and advantages for many companies of all kinds.

Digitization or digital transformation stands for a global trend that is leading to revolutionary changes in all of our living and working environments. Above all, the widespread availability of the Internet is causing companies to rethink. Potential customers can be reached anytime and anywhere via smartphone.
The new developments in the technological field are rapid and change the way we inform, communicate and consume. To stay competitive, it is very important for companies to use digital technologies.
Digitization affects companies across all industries and sectors. It challenges entrepreneurs and forces them to innovate. However, one thing is very clear: the digital transformation offers undreamt-of and significant development opportunities. Numerous studies show that competitors with a high degree of digitization are gaining market share. According to a study by the consulting company A.T. Kearney from 2019, companies with highly digitized sales are growing around twice as fast as the average in terms of sales.

The concept of digitization refers to the transition from natural work processes to virtual processes through the use of digital technologies. Existing processes in the company are modernized and accelerated.
Digital structures are deeply rooted in the company and thus work on several levels: Technologies such as blockchain or big data can change the economy across industries. Solutions for planning, controlling and implementing internal and external business processes such as ERP or CRM systems or a cloud help to achieve more efficient organization, automation of standard tasks, simplification of the exchange of data between employees and departments and analysis of business data.

Optimized, seamless and simplified processes
Changing processes between analog and digital media mean that essential information and valuable time are lost. Digitization enables the entire process to be transferred to one medium. As a result, all employees have the same data they need to get the job done optimally.
With the help of digitized and automated applications, processes such as sales can be simplified considerably. Thanks to cloud solutions, all employees can access important data depending on location, time and device. Digitization can lead to a significant increase in productivity. In addition, a high degree of automation means less manual intervention, which in turn reduces process costs.

More effective use of data
Even small and medium-sized companies have a lot of data. Many of them are lost or not even recorded. Digitized processes help with the direct storage of the resulting data, which can be made available in clear evaluations. In this way, you can use the data to evaluate it and thus to make data-related decisions that optimize the various processes in the company.

Smart and inexpensive marketing + cost savings
By evaluating the data, you know exactly who your customers are, how old they are, etc. Using this data, specific and targeted online advertising can be placed. Advertisements in the networks are much cheaper and more sustainable compared to traditional print media, since no paper is used and the advertising is only displayed to a predefined target group.

Improved customer service + increased customer and employee satisfaction
Digitization makes it possible to improve the service and the products in such a way that added value is created for the customer. With the help of modern applications, these can be completely and professionally looked after. The digital transformation makes everyday tasks of employees easier and faster with individual applications.

Time savings
Printing and sorting documents for hours on end is time consuming. In contrast, digital archiving makes these processes faster and finding documents is a lot easier. Typing in terms or tags enables a quick search in the cloud.

Companies that miss the leap into digitization will find it difficult to remain competitive.
The digital transformation in your company means that data and information are more tangible than ever before. Your demanding customers are looked after all around and the flexibility of the work increases the satisfaction of your employees on all conceivable levels. Flexibility is gained through digital and mobile processes that can be adapted to the respective requirements of your company. Modern technologies enable the promotion of new and above all innovative business models and help you to develop new ideas, to address a broader audience and to use comprehensive tools to organize and control work.

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With individual tools that are completely adapted to your own needs, we optimize your processes in the company and help you to gain time and save costs. Digitization not only leads to an optimization of individual processes, it also changes structures, organizations and ways of thinking and seeing.
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