Find the right IT outsourcing company

Many companies are faced with the challenge of hiring high-quality specialists and not letting staff costs get out of hand. This compromise often reaches its limits and there is almost never a perfect solution. Outsourcing certain services to other companies is an additional tool to solve exactly this problem.

Outsourcing IT and the associated services, be it only for a project or even on a long-term basis, has many advantages and is common practice among SMEs and corporations. According to studies by the cooperative banking group from 2018, an average of 58 percent of companies in Germany outsource IT to other companies. Most of them come from the financial sector, where digitization pressure is particularly high.

In addition, by outsourcing partial tasks or the entire IT to an outsourcing company, time can be saved and a project can be carried out simultaneously in several directions. In fact, an IT outsourcing service can relieve you of many tasks, thereby creating the opportunity to concentrate on the content-related aspects of a process.

Choosing the right partner is not easy and many questions should be defined and answered beforehand.

Goal Definition

Referring to Steve Jobs and Apple, everyone should know that you start with the customer and work your way back to technology. This process requires knowing your customer and understanding your problem. From this, clear goals can be defined for the technology and a process description and a catalog of requirements can be drawn up. The right partner will also help you with his experience and know-how.

Experience and references

Nobody wants to be operated by a doctor who has never done it before. We are similar with other services. You have to develop a deep understanding of customers and technology and the ability to map customer needs in a technical process. References can be a first indication of whether a partner has this understanding or not.


The preparation of an IT project is the most important phase, which is crucial for the success of a product. Communication, and we don’t just mean talking on the phone, is an important component of success. Did the partner understand exactly your wish? How does he ensure it? What tools does he use to take communication to a higher level? Digital tools, presentations and written documentation should always be integrated into the process.

Offers on the market

A point that seems obvious, but is often difficult to implement. Above all, requirements must be clearly defined in order to be able to check whether a partner can meet them. Well-positioned software developers also have their own strategy and consulting department, which helps you to map the entire process precisely.


No collaboration should fail in order of price. If all of the above points can be answered positively and demonstrably, usually one or two candidates remain. We believe that the final decision shouldn’t just depend on the price. Most of the time, one candidate brings a bit more experience, competence and better solutions that should give you a better feeling.

If the decision is made, a small project can become a long-term partnership from which both sides benefit in the long term. At impltech we have been working with most of the partners for years and a continuation of our success story is taken for granted.