How to choose a first class team of software developers?

In today’s era of rapid digitization in almost all areas of activity, technical professions have become increasingly important and the end is not in sight. Above all, it affects the IT industry and specialists for various and new technologies. Programmers, designers, SEO experts, project managers, market researchers, analysts. The list could go on for a long time. The salaries of IT specialists have long overtaken the classics such as doctors, lawyers and economists.

In connection with the drastic development of software products and services, developers are particularly popular in today’s job market. Despite the gigantic number of IT specialists at home and abroad, the high demand cannot be met.

Companies and entrepreneurs are often faced with the question: How can a qualified team be found so that the upcoming project can be successfully and efficiently implemented?

The selection process for software developers is a complicated and multi-stage process. Companies are faced with the challenge of finding the specialists and then selecting the right ones from the available candidates. When it comes to hiring an entire team in a very short time to make a project successful, there is probably no way around an external solution.

Which channels can companies use to get skilled workers?

Social media

The social networks from Facebook to LinkedIn to Xing have long been seen as efficient tools for both finding a suitable candidate for employees and getting a promising offer for a job seeker. Hardly a headhunter has no profile on LinkedIn or Xing and hardly any expert has never been contacted by one. This also means that seriousness is lost. With one click you can apply and submit hundreds of applications within a few minutes. The quality? Well, a matter of taste.

Job portals

Have you ever tried to find a project manager for a big data project? Job portals promise a lot but at least job seekers have to be there to apply for a job. Hardly a PM with a few years of experience is currently looking for a job and will be in the nearest future.

Freelancers and freelance platforms

Hiring freelance IT specialists has become a widespread practice, mainly because geographical boundaries are largely irrelevant to this profession. But that is often the problem. Freelancers offer companies flexibility, but also want to remain flexible themselves. If the know-how carrier is no longer interested, he can leave at any time. In the end, this costs more than you saved previously and also leads to demotivation of entire teams.

Special events and network

Even at a time when everyone is talking about digitization, it can be worth visiting or even organizing events such as conferences, lectures, meetups or hackathons. If you take part in such an event, you can meet with a TD or a PM. It is not uncommon for long-term collaborations to develop from such meetings. Building a network can never hurt. However, a network and cooperation must be filled with life, which can be very time-consuming.

Most of our customers face the challenge of finding IT professionals to make a particular project successful. It can affect the entire company and thus the entire IT infrastructure. Sometimes, however, it is just an idea that needs to be implemented technically, without a process description and without a catalog of requirements. Our customers present the idea to us and we develop a process description. This turns an idea into a full-fledged platform that employees use and appreciate every day.

In a company, specialist knowledge, experience and various technologies are often bundled together. This enables us to employ the right expert for every area and ensure the quality of the work. Selected been working together for years offers every client additional value.