Mobile phone matters

For us, it is inconceivable that there are companies that still copy or scan their myriad documents. Everyone is aware that valuable time is lost for these processes, which should instead be invested in the really important things.
Without a mobile app, there is no way to access documents and information on the go. It is often the case that no decisions can be made due to the lack of information.
The last few weeks and months in particular have shown us how indispensable it is to be able to access data and information anytime, anywhere.
In the world of work, mobile app development is of central importance for many business processes.

What are the advantages of mobile apps?

We believe that good usability is a guarantee of success in mobile app development. This is characterized above all by the fact that the app creates added value for both a company’s employees and customers.
On the one hand, mobile apps improve internal processes and enable a targeted increase in productivity. On the other hand, they ensure happier customers.
Information and data can be uploaded and shared anytime, anywhere. The advantage is that every single employee can access this data in seconds, anytime and anywhere.
It becomes clear that mobile apps offer enormous time savings and better organization. Important processes can be tackled more efficiently and costs are reduced at the same time.

What types of apps exist?

Native apps
This type of apps scores with functionality and above all with the speed, which offers users a high level of user-friendliness.
The range of applications is very high because a native app uses the programming interfaces of the target platform directly. Furthermore, all platform-specific hardware and software functions can be accessed, such as files, GPS, acceleration sensors, microphone and camera.
One disadvantage is that, due to the different software platforms, it is not possible to install an Android app on an iPhone, for example, and vice versa. As a rule, different versions have to be developed for different operating systems so that the apps run on multiple platforms. Updates are sometimes associated with increased effort, since these too have to be individually adapted to the operating systems.

Hybrid apps
This type of app is considered a special form because it combines the advantages of native apps and web apps by accessing many hardware and software components of the mobile device and can operate different platforms at the same time.
Hybrid apps run on different mobile devices and PCs as well as on various operating systems. The advantages of the app are maintenance and, above all, time and cost savings in the initial development. Disadvantages of hybrid apps are poorer performance and compromises in the user experience.

Progressive web apps
Progressive web apps can be installed on desktops and mobile devices, which is created and provided directly via the web. These web apps are fast, reliable and work in any browser.
In order for website operators to assert themselves on the market, they had to develop a responsive or mobile website as well as a native app. Progressive apps are designed to make duplicate development superfluous, as it can be accessed like a website using a URL and at the same time provides offline functionalities.
At impltech, we believe that mobile use will help your company align processes. The large amounts of data are used in a targeted and efficient manner. You can access them anytime and anywhere. In addition, they are suitable for demanding and modern customers.
We successfully implement your mobile strategy together with you. Our team is well prepared for this and we provide you with experts who have the necessary know-how and years of experience. In this way, you can create a reliable application quickly and safely and use our extensive specialist knowledge for an industry-specific solution.
Transfer and integrate your work processes on a mobile platform and increase the productivity of your company and your employees at all conceivable levels with an enterprise app for different departments or individual applications.
Impltech enables you to tackle all important processes more efficiently and save costs at the same time.