Speed and timing is a key to success nowadays.
Have you already searched for IT staff? In this case, you must have noticed that this process can take weeks, months, or even longer. According to the German Federal Statistics Agency (Statistisches Bundesamt), a total of 69% of German businesses have reported they had difficulties at the recruitment of IT personnel.

The challenges entrepreneurs face

  • The importance of information technologies is growing.
    In-house IT departments are unable to cope with the growing requirements of the present. They are bound by fixed costs and unable to quickly adapt to constantly changing market demands, as workload, and consequently, staff and expertise requirements change.
    Many businesses face the challenge of recruiting skilled employees and staying within staff budgets at the same time, which is often impossible.
  • Some entrepreneurs still have certain reservations concerning IT-outsourcing: it’s a mixed feeling somewhere between “letting something go” and being concerned that the IT outsourcer won’t be there for them if something happens. But, aware of the advantages, more and more of those are overcoming their inhibitions and are now willing to delegate certain responsibilities to other companies possessing the necessary skills and expertise.
  • This article will help you dispel any doubts and show you how to choose the proper IT outsourcing company for your business.

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The delegation of IT and related services offers many advantages and is a widespread practice in small and medium-sized businesses as well as big corporations.

According to last year’s study by Eset, about a half of the 522 interviewed businesses supported the outsourcing of their IT.

The delegation of separate sub-projects or IT as a whole to an outsourcing company saves time and costs in a constantly changing environment.
In fact, an IT outsourcing company can usually handle all the IT tasks you might have, which allows you to concentrate on your core business processes.

Choosing a proper business partner is daunting, since there’s no shortage of outsorcing companies out there, so we’ll guide you through the most important steps to choosing a reliable IT partner.

Objective definition

Everybody knows from the time of Steve Jobs and Apple that it begins with the customer and goes back to technology.
You know your customers and understand their needs and challenges. Hence, clear technological objectives can be defined and process description and operational requirements can be elaborated. A proper IT outsourcing company possessing the necessary experience and knowhow will help you scope the development you require and suggest optimal technological ways of achieving your goals.

Experience and references

Nobody wants to be treated by a doctor, who has never done it before. It's all the same with outsourcing.
The company should ideally have the understanding of your industry, possess technology expertise and experience developing similar products to the one you’re looking to build. References and reviews can be the first evidence of this understanding by a particular IT outsourcing company. For big and complex projects, it is even more crucial to learn as much as you can about the company you are outsourcing to, and read through their case studies, which showcase how they deal with problems and tackle challenges.


An IT outsourcing company shouldn't flood you with buzz-words only to show you how professional they are. A good partner will always strive to explain concepts in terms that are understandable to you. Look for those who speak your language. Communication is the foundation stone of a successful project.
Did they really understand your challenge and the purpose of the project? Which tools do they use to guarantee faultless communication? Whom should you contact if you have any questions or concerns? All these and many more questions should be answered prior to starting a project.

Offerings on the Market

First of all, it is very important to define your project requirements clearly in order to check if the IT outsourcing company can comply with them. The challenge is that you and people on your team may not have the necessary qualifications to define all the project requirements. Usually, a well-organized outsourcing company has its own strategy and advisory department, which will help you model the whole process in detail and suggest best ways for achieving your goals.

The challenges of medium-sized businesses can often be compared with those of big ones. Departments experience cost pressure, and, on the other hand, should constantly increase their productivity in order to withstand market competition.
Furthermore, entrepreneurs are forced to advance their expertise and adjust their hardware and staff costs to the requirements of their business due to the rapid development of new technologies. At the same time, qualified employees and specialists are becoming ever more expensive.

The complexity of technical possibilities makes the assessment of current and future IT requirements a never-ending task, and usually it’s much easier to hire experts to handle all your development rather than go through all the associated difficulties of creating in-house team to achieve often inferior results.



IT outsourcing with impltech

Digitalization has encompassed all spheres of economy: small, medium, and big companies alike are now forced to employ new tech in order not to fall behind.
Impltech can free you from concerns about your IT by taking on the technical development of various projects. Over the years, we have gained precious technical expertise and profound branch-specific knowledge so we can offer the best and most cost-effective solutions for achieving the goals you have in mind.

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