Customizable CRM with marketing automation and task-planning capabilities.

Location: Canada
Industry: Telecommunications



React Native



Alfresco BPMN

Digital Ocean

Client & Product

We were contacted by a Canadian firm serving telecommunication clients to develop a CRM system for internal use. Due to constantly changing business processes, systems already available on the market were unsuited for use at (Company Name). We’ve developed a CRM system with a web interface, easily customizable sales flows, key marketing automation features, as well as video and audio conferencing capabilities.


The main requirement was extreme ability for customization since the company was expanding to new markets and expecting their processes to change drastically based on customer behaviour there. To make CRM easily customizable we’ve integrated Alfresco BPMN into the system. This allows users to upload BPMN Business Process diagrams, based on which entire sales flows can be added in seconds.

Final Result

Development resulted in an all-encompassing CRM system that is fully customizable, allows for video and audio calls with clients, marketing automation in the form of sending out email and sms messages and task management. Sales managers get access to information on customer behaviour and can adapt strategies depending on data collected, as well as reports on performance of separate sales professionals and teams. All this results in up to 50% increase in the overall efficiency of sales departments.

Task Creation

Built-in task manager allows sales teams to assign, track and manage tasks in the same place those tasks are going to be resolved in.

Employee list

Employee list allows owners and employees to quickly find the required contact within the company and view other related information, such as role, last active time, e.t.c.

File upload

Tasks in task planner can have pictures and files of any kind attached to them, so that all file sharing can be done without leaving the platform

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