Advanced CRM for Floral Industry producers

Location: Brazil
Industry: Floral





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Client & Product

A large-scale floral producer contacted us to develop an advanced CRM with a number of account types that will allow them to digitize most processes. The main goal was to automate as many things as possible and add transparency to all business processes down to the lowest level. In the end, we’ve built a CRM that allows us to digitize and map the entire value chain of a business.


We’ve had to implement various account types, such as driver, grover, client, manager and owner and develop interfaces and views for them. Translating the process of growing flower into useful numbers proved a challenge as well, since it’s quite abstract and nuanced. We’ve integrated various sensors (temperature, acidity, humidity, e.c., tdc, vpd, e.t.c.) to pull up and store data automatically, developed notifications when a certain parameter drops out of a set range and introduced a number of quality of life changes (such as keeping track of which flowers grew where for easier rotation) to reduce the work and document load.

Final Result

Text: In the end we’ve developed a platform that requires no installation, works well on mobile devices, allows for a complete overview for a business owner, easier administration for managers and less paperwork for other staff. Process automation, grow output prognoses, real-time environmental conditions status updates, automatic invoicing and reduced paperwork allow Florists to increase their revenue by 20% and more yearly.

Employee List

The list of employees allows managers to view the activities of all other company members as well as see their last active time and access contact data in case they have to be contacted promptly. Business owners get an overview of all employees and can track employees across various companies they own.

Flowers in Stock

Managers and Owners can add flowers to the company stock with all related information, which is instantly available to all Clients. When Clients wish to order a certain kind of flowers, invoices and other related documents are created automatically to save time.

Adding new client in the client base

To add new client you just have to fill out name and email after which an invitation is sent to the client that allows them to view your entire stock and place orders on flowers that they wish to get.

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