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Location: Ukraine
Industry: E-Commerce




Telegram API



Client & Product

OLX is an e-commerce giant available in 92 countries sporting over 7500 employees and 350 million monthly active users. We’ve developed a telegram bot for their Ukrainian branch that allows them to streamline hiring of hundreds of employees.


Initially the challenge consisted in creating the connection between the vacancy database and telegram bot to parse RSS files of all available vacancies for the ones that would satisfy the custom parameters provided by the job seeker. Later on, we’ve had to adapt all systems to allow for more throughput as the product turned out to be more popular than anticipated.

Final Result

Via a final product job seekers specify where they want to work, what roles they consider and what salary they are looking for. And then get alerts with new open vacancies by OLX. The company, in turn, gets access to data analytics that allows them to adjust the salary based on expectations of job searchers, monitor trends on a labor market and provide the correct naming for their open positions. Also, users additionally get marketing notifications that contributes to the success of the OLX platform.


active users

4 000

new users / month



Settings screen

We’ve strived to make settings screen easy and intuitive. Since the bot can be set up in a few clicks, it’s easier to completely reset the bot rather than make changes to separate settings.

Bot Start

At launch, the bot asks the user several questions to which users respond with button presses and thus they are readily answerable. Setting up the notifications takes only a minute.

Job Alerts

Users get alerts about new OLX jobs that match their requirements every hour. They also have an option to set up several notification feeds in case they are interested in several different employment possibilities.

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