Creating complex requests for tenders via an audio message.

Location: Ukraine
Industry: B2B Services



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Client & Product

TradeHub is a facilitator that connects companies that wish to purchase certain goods with good producers via a tender system. Since placing tender requests was quite hard for clients and discouraged some from doing so at all, they came to us with a request to build a mobile application that will make creating and participating in tenders easy for businesses.


Most business owners in the real sector (physical good producers) are not as tech savvy as their IT counterparts. We’ve had to take extra care to make everything on the platform intuitive and straightforward.
For instance, the registration is easy and can be done via Google account. Creating tenders can be done in several ways. Clients can either dictate requirements by voice, write them out by hand and send a photo, attach a file, or talk with a specialist in chat.

Final Result

Final platform allows for both supplier and buyer accounts, easy registration, easy tender request creation, automatic contract creation and digital signing of it. It allows to reduce average purchase price by 2.5%, administrative expenses by 50% and logistic expenses by 30% when compared to creating tender requests traditionally.








The registration process is simple, straightforward and can be completed in seconds by linking google account.

Tender creation

Creating a tender is as easy for a client as recording an audio message. Of course, there are still options to enter related information by text or to attach a file.

Chat Support

Easy & Convenient built-in chat is used to discuss tenders, verify that the tender is created correctly, and attach related pictures and documents.

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