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Location: Ukraine
Industry: Insurance



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Client & Product

UPSK is an insurance provider that aims to bring their service to the new level and thus distinguish themselves from the competition. They contacted us to develop a convenient service application for insurance owners that will streamline the communications with claimants.


Whenever there’s an insurance claim, even prior to settlement, the insurance company has a lot of expenses. For instance, when a car accident happens, an insurance agent has to arrive on location to confirm everything, after which there’s still plenty of paperwork, and, consequently, administrative expenses. We’ve had to reimagine the process to make case resolution easier for all parties involved while reducing the possibility of insurance scams.

Final Result

We’ve developed a convenient application that allows users to enter and renew insurance contracts and make insurance claims conveniently. It saves time and headache to the users and cuts expenses for UPSK. For car accidents, all the user has to do is to record video via an app and clear out any details via an built-in chat.

Currently, the app is live in a test version. We work on the new set of features that will transform the application from a service one to a go-to app when something unexpected happens in your life, with features such as online lawyer consultation, online doctor consultation and much more.

Insurance purchase interface

New and existing customers are greeted by a simplistic home page that features various insurance products available for purchase from UPSK.

Pricing calculator

Customers get an option to view the price of an insurance product with the parameters they are interested in.

Insurance information

Users can view their insurance data at any time, contact the insurance company and renew their subscriptions automatically.

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