Effective Document Management For Real Estate Companies

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How to transition your document-management to cloud
How to transition your document-management to cloud
Choosing the best cloud solution for your business saves costs without sacrificing functionality
How to digitize your internal processes<br />
How to digitize your internal processes
Companies that are fully digitalized are twice as likely to achieve financial results in the top 25% of their segment.
How to leverage e-document management<br />
How to leverage e-document management
Automating repetitive tasks reduces operational costs by 20 to 40% and saves time.

Sergej Hermoni

  • Ein Experte für Business-Systematisierung mit 18 Jahren Erfahrung in der Leitung von Unternehmen in den Bereichen Logistik, Tourismus, Lieferung von Industrieausrüstungen, Einzelhandel und IT.
  • Direktor des internationalen IT-Unternehmens “impltech”.
  • 5.000 Besitzer wurden von Sergej geschult.
Sergej HermoniSergej Hermoni
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