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The goal of the Product Discovery process is to find a product/market fit and validate the business model with a working version of the product. We achieve this by consistently reducing risk by validating hypotheses about consumer behavior, value propositions, product solution, the business model, and acquisition channels

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Product Discovery Stages


Idea Crash Test & Clarification of success criteria

Is the problem you aim to solve worth solving? Will your solution work? Will people pay for it? If there’s no definitive answers to these questions, we find them. If the answers don’t are not satisfactory, we go back to the drawing board and figure the solution out together with you until the answer to the above question is three big YES’s. Then we define what you’re trying to achieve in concrete numbers, which you can use as a unifying force everyone can strive towards later down the road.

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Product Wireframe And Clickable Prototype

We develop a no-code design only version of your product to use in product presentations and customer surveys. There’s no development involved, but you and your users can interact with the most important product flows, as if it’s already built. Gathering as much data as possible at this stage helps craft great user experience and having something for potential customers to actually try out enhances the effectiveness of user research.

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User Research

To get a full picture of your users and how they will interact with your product, we analyze existing information, gather quantitative data with surveys and A/B tests, and conduct in-depth interviews with the representatives of your customer base to discover the actual pain points and hidden needs, expectations, and motivators of your users. Our product managers observe and document how your potential customers interact with a prototype of your product to discover behaviour patterns and gather actionable insights for the UI/UX optimization to make your product intuitive and straightforward.

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Product Market Fit

PMF is the main indicator of whether your product will be successful. It doesn’t matter how good it is developed or how great your marketing is if your product does not fit the market. Put simply, Product Market Fit is how well the value provided by your product matches the existing market need. We investigate whether there’s a market for your product, whether the problem it aims to solve really exists, whether people will be on-board with solving it the way you propose, and whether they are willing to pay for it.

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Unit-economy & Economic feasibility.

Almost anything is possible with technology. Yet the difference between a straightforward reliable solution and a state-of-the-art experimental system that requires extensive research often lies in the details which may be not immediately apparent to those who are not software engineers. We do rough estimates of the potential market size, revenue it can generate, revenue per user, time to attract X users, e.t.c. and compare those against fixed, variable, customer acquisition, and other costs, to reaffirm your product concept with concrete economic calculations.

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Microservices architecture design & Solutions stack definition

We find out the best way to achieve your end-goals with technology that would be in-line with your overall product priorities, such as reducing development time or having increased security & reliability. Our experienced software solution architects ensure there will be no discrepancies between planning and execution. All features are bundled up, categorized and prioritized and then divided into microservices that can function and be developed independently of each other.

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MVP Requirements & Roadmap

We define the core microservices that need to be developed in order to supply your product with the most important features for mvp development. The end-result of mvp product development is a functioning application with the most important features, which can be used for further field research of your users, or to attract additional rounds of capital. An MVP is a proof that your product can and will work, and is invaluable for confirming hypotheses that can only be tested in practice.

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Time & Cost Projections

Upon knowing the development requirements, we do estimates of time and workforce that will be involved in developing a technological solution that you envision and compare those against economic calculations made previously to provide you with the most accurate data for decision-making and further fine-tuning of your product concept.

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UX flow Analysis & Optimization

We observe how users interact with your product to make design interactions. The end-goal is creating an interface and user experience so intuitive that your Features that are core to your product and are used most often take prominent places in the interface. Those that usually go together or subsequently are grouped conveniently, and a number of other quality-of-life changes are made to ensure that using your product is not only efficient, but easy and pleasant.

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What Product Discovery Means for your
Development Process

product discovery product discovery process


Benefits to doing a Product Discovery prior to starting the development process

Accelerated time-to-market

We do more than just code. Our solution architects are professionals with rich professional and industry experience. We find the perfect technological solution that will achieve your unique goals with the least time, and are ready to take on your project right away

Reduced Risks

It may turn out that the market potential for profit or size turn out to be less than expected, or that the problem exists, but it’s so minor that people aren’t ready to pay money for solving it, or deal with it in a completely different unforeseen way. It’s better to discover such caveats early on and change product concepts accordingly rather than after considerable effort of creating a product, costly in both time and money.

Clear Go-To-Market Strategy

Most startup founders aren’t thinking about how exactly they are going to carve out a chunk of the market, only that a need exists and their solution will be able to solve it. Our business analysts will help you define a clear launch strategy, investigate potential customer aquisiton channels and calculate unit-economy to determine the break-even number of customers and time to profit.

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What you get after Product Concept Development with impltech

Deep Market & Competitor Research

  • Market State & Size Investigation report
  • Competitor Analysis report
  • Alternative Products Analysis report
  • Concrete, measurable success criteria
  • User Journey Maps
  • Fixed Customer Hypotheses to be confirmed in the later stages

Product & Business Model Validation

  • Product Market Fit report
  • User Research report
  • Raw data gathered during qualitative and research
  • Calculated Unit-economy
  • Economic feasibility report.
  • Consultation with a business analyst
  • User Acquisition Research results.

Architecture & Project Planning

  • Microservices architecture
  • Defined Tech stack
  • MVP Development Plan
  • Product MVP Roadmap
  • Preliminary Product Roadmap
  • MVP Time and Development Cost estimates

Design Prototypes & Product Branding

  • Wireframes
  • Clickable Prototype of app/platform
  • Product Style Guide
  • Identity design
  • UX flows

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