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A wide variety of employees save important data on all possible data carriers such as chats, emails, in CRM, ERP or in a cloud. It can happen that crucial details are lost and consequently opportunities are missed to win and retain an enthusiastic customer. Furthermore, companies are usually in possession of countless data such as customer or accounting data. You can quickly lose track of things and make mistakes. impltech has the solution: a cloud as a central database – for all information and files that all employees from every department can access at any time.

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The key to success is the flexible handling of data and on the other hand the easy linking of this data. An individual cloud database helps ensure that you have the countless data under control and also save time, money and resources. Interfaces enable the linking of different databases, which optimizes and simplifies many work processes in the company.

You decide for yourself which data should be managed and how it relates to the processes. Due to the fact that the organization and preparation of data are an important foundation for companies, central databases offer you a decisive advantage.

Impltech can create a central database for your company or optimize your existing database and fine-tune it. Our experts have extensive know-how and the necessary understanding for expanding databases. The functionality of the database and our modules, such as CRM or ERP, are 100% adapted to your needs. We have years of experience in various industries and will find the right solution for your concerns.

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We are constantly expanding our know-how for new technologies and delivering state-of-the-art software solutions. The latest technologies offer you many decisive advantages. We provide you with a team of experts with years of experience and develop tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of industries. We are guided by the individual requirements of your company, your processes and customers. Our individual software solutions map your process 100%. We create additional value and help cut costs.



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