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Digital Distribution

Digitization is omnipresent, the purchasing and usage behavior of customers and market conditions are constantly changing. Traditional elements such as making new contacts at trade fairs no longer achieve the desired success or are not possible.

Nowadays, research and communication about services and products take place on the mobile device – as does the purchase. The traditional sales structures are questioned. How do you stay competitive? The solution for your company is called digital sales.

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Digital sales represent a competitive and success factor. Although people should continue to be a point of contact for customers as experts and consultants, digital sales – for example the automation of information transfer – offer many opportunities. Customer portals ensure optimal supply and personal support for customers – despite innovative technologies, interaction with experts remains an important part. Augmented Reality makes the customer feel like they are in a shop and can thus convince themselves of a product. Apps provide him with comprehensive information about a service or a product.

Impltech helps you find a balance between automated and digital processes and personal, real customer relationships. We help you achieve success in your company through automated processes, cross-channel services, digital customer interfaces and new sales channels. Thanks to the digitization of sales, our customers were able to generate sales control of up to 50% and reduce costs at the same time. Our experts offer you the perfect opportunity for innovation and further development of operations in your company.

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We are constantly expanding our know-how for new technologies and delivering state-of-the-art software solutions. The latest technologies offer you many decisive advantages. We provide you with a team of experts with years of experience and develop tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of industries. We are guided by the individual requirements of your company, your processes and customers. Our tailor-made software solutions map your process 100%. We create additional value and help cut costs



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