Optimizing patient flow and reducing idle time on staff and medical equipment

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Client & Product

MedFlux is a german startup aiming to serve private and state hospitals and help them increase patient throughput and revenue. As with many projects, we’ve started from concept only and developed a complex multi-application system that covers all the needs of a modern medical center.
It consists of a web application for doctors and hospital staff and mobile application for patients that instructs them when and where to come.


Patients want to spend as little time as possible waiting. Hospitals wish to serve as many people as possible and ensure that their costly equipment is being utilized almost non-stop with minimal delays. This presents a logistics challenge that requires prognosing how much time an appointment or procedure will take, calculating the most efficient order for each patient to attend each appointment, adjusting schedules if additional appointments are made and much much more.

The needs of coming patients can’t be predicted, thus the system needed to have significant flexibility.
We’ve developed complex scheduling algorithms that take into account a wide range of parameters and adjusts accordingly when new data is presented.

Final Result

Utilizing MedFlux system allows hospitals not only to perfect patient flow, but optimize the entire facility.

Everything is being tracked.
If 4 identical specialists have appointments <50% of their time, perhaps it’s a reason to lay off one or two of them or have them serve in another capacity.
When one doctor spends 70% more time on appointments on average than another equivalent one, it may be a reason for investigation.
Consistently long queues in a certain area, may result in a hospital hiring additional specialists or buying additional equipment.

The practical applications are limitless, as our system allows management a much needed overview of daily operations that allows it to make data-driven decisions.

Patient Registration

The staff registers the patients in the web application and can follow the treatment stations. The portal is easy to use and provides a good overview of all steps.

Mobile app for patients

Patients confirm the appointment with the treatment center with one click within the mobile application. They receive instructions on when to go to which treatment room. The mobile application is easy to use and patients spend less time in queues and are more satisfied.

Doctor Interface

We’ve made the doctor interface with simplicity in mind so that doctors spend as little time on interactions as possible. Starting or finishing an appointment can be done with one click of a button. Additionally, doctors can add appointments with other doctors or diagnostic procedures to the patient schedule, signal extraordinary situations, as well as start and finish their breaks so that they don’t get incoming patients while they’re resting.

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