Overcoming existing geographical and regulatory barriers, blockchain is changing the way people pay and how they make investment decisions

Historically, the smaller capital you have, the less financial and investment opportunities are open to you. That is no longer strictly true, as investments into the blockchain ecosystem have no entry barriers.

According to Ray Dalio, American Billionaire investor,
Bitcoin is like ‘a younger generation’s alternative to gold’

The aforementioned changes have effectively created a new breed of millennial investor, who cannot be ignored. While not individually impressive, collectively they represent a sizable share of the market that is only expected to grow in the coming years.

The ReFuture team contacted us wishing to capitalize on this trend to fuel their growth and expansion.

impltech consulted them on how to achieve their goal of attracting local and foreign capital from both fiat and cryptocurrency financial systems by sharing a part of income from existing objects via fractional ownership to fund new development projects.

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ReFuture owns Real
Estate objects with a
total property value of


Million EUR

Tokenizing a part of them is
expected to attract capital
at number


lower interest rate compared to conventional methods

Removing barriers to real estate investments with the power of Blockchain Tokenization

ReFuture knew impltech through an acquaintance who conducted business with us previously as a reliable technological partner & digital advisor, so it turned to impltech digital consulting berlin
to help plan and execute its ambitious asset tokenization project.

Removing entry barriers has always been tricky, yet immensely valuable to those who managed to do so. The bigger the barrier - the larger the reward.

ReFuture set out to remove a big one by addressing a number of limitations imposed by the current financial and governmental systems.
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Traditionally, there exists a limit to the fractionalization level possible with real-world assets. Purchasing 1/50th of an apartment, while technically possible, is hugely impractical and almost never done. For tokenized assets, there are no such limitations. You can fractionalize an asset in a way you deem necessary, and sell tokens representing those ownership fractions, allowing a broader investor audience to participate in

Younger retail investors are used to 24/7 instantaneous crypto trading and are wary of illiquid assets. Real estate transaction times are long, are strictly regulated and taxed. Tokenization allows for 24/7 almost real-time trading, which is especially appealing to short-to-mid term oriented retail investors.

Lastly, there’s a convenience factor. Purchasing real estate properties is never as easy as pressing several buttons on your smartphone. There’s no trailing stop orders for real estate properties, and associated tasks, such as finding a renter or doing maintenance can quickly become a hassle.

All this, combined with different locations and jurisdictions, makes worldwide real estate investments available only to a select few.

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ReFuture leverages blockchain technology with the help of impltech to tokenize their assets and use the proceeds to fuel their development projects.
The company takes care of rent, maintenance, taxes, and all other operations & associated costs that are required to generate revenue from a property and shares the profit from the particular property with the fractional owners of this property, according to their ownership fraction.

Key benefits of the platform for investors interested in accessing real estate markets are: faster settlement, lower entry barriers & associated costs, reduced paperwork, enhanced risk management, and worldwide availability.
We’re excited about the new growth vectors asset tokenization creates for our business. This solution will not only help ReFuture in attracting local and foreign capital, but open up real estate markets to low-capital retail investors

Oliver Nee

Founder/CEO in REFuture.SE

Easy investments in tokenized real estate

After an in-depth Market Analysis and requirements review, impltech business analysts recommended a development of web & mobile applications to make the opportunity widely available to retail investors.

Our consultants collaborated with ReFuture to define the success criteria and develop the user flow for the intended tokenized investments platform. Product prototypes were used to collect feedback from the representatives of the target audience and iterate upon user experience and design.

impltech’s technology experts established platform requirements and researched 3rd party service providers to define the most reliable, cost-effective and synergistic solutions.

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Time-to-market was of the essence, since countless companies are looking to tokenize illiquid assets.
Business analysts worked together with ReFuture to define a long-term Roadmap for the project, that would take into account all the goals & requirements and achieve them in the most straightforward and timely way possible.

We started development of the mobile and web platforms, and were able to deliver them in record time thanks to well thought-out project architecture and parallel microservice development.

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real estate tokenization

Finished web & mobile applications allow for easy purchase and sale of property tokens, as well as tracking of ownership fractions and the income they generate.

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