Porting complex application for professional traders for IOS.

Location: Poland
Industry: Fintech



React Native


Client & Product

Traders.One is a hybrid trading platform for forex, equity and crypto trading catering to professional traders. Some of their clients expressed an interest in IOS applications so they searched for experts in IOS development and chose impltech as their development partner.


The application deals with extremely sensitive data and huge financial transactions and is thus developed to the highest security standards and thoroughly tested for potential security breaches. All incoming and outcoming packets are encrypted and are end-to-end secure.

Final Result

The traders.one application was developed on time and within budget. It sports exactly the same functionality as its android counterpart, is private and available only via request for Traders.One customers.

Order flow screen

This screen allows traders to place various buy and sell orders, or schedule them to be executed later, as well as see order books.

Account Summary

This screen shows the user an overview of their account including PNL calculations and balance information.

Activity log

A log of all operations by user. Customers can press on any entry to access detailed information pertaining to it.

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