Innovative real estate marketplace integrated with a CRM system

Location: Germany
Industry: Real Estate







Client & Product

Crystal Immobilien is a real estate agency that specializes in properties in Constance, Germany and around lake Constance. They wanted to expand their operations to a wider market without increasing headcount and thus came to us. We’ve developed a marketplace – type website for buying/selling real estate as well as a Customer Relationship Management system for their internal use.


Due to specific requirements of the customer we needed to automate as much as possible while keeping development costs low. We focused on the most important features while ensuring a great UI that is easy and intuitive to customers of all ages.

Final Result

New properties added to a CRM system get listed on the website automatically. Listings of properties are deactivated as soon as they’re bought. The system allows for automatic creation of exposes, purchase contracts, customer inquiries and other documents that are usually handled manually, which saves time, eliminates human error and allows Crystall Immobilen to keep their tight-knit team while scaling.

Object information

A simple and stylish object page allows potential buyers to see the photos of the property and all related information, such as number of bedrooms, price, location, house size, e.t.c.

List of objects in CRM

Projects are automatically added and removed from the website when internal CRM is updated. When property gets an update in CRM (such as price adjustment), the change is automatically reflected on the website.

Email Marketing Automation

New properties can be conveniently embedded into emails and sent out to subscribers. Users can subscribe to custom notifications for selected search filters and receive notifications when a new property that fits their requirements is added to the platform.

Client Review

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