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Client & Product

Raccoon.World is a startup aiming to serve the market of over 275 million patients recovering from injuries and neurological diseases. The app allows for diagnosis using sensors to determine motion range, creation of rehabilitation courses, access to video tutorials for exercises and rehabilitation through gaming. Doctors can track patient progress remotely, make edits to recovery plans and help patients perform exercises correctly since each motion is tracked.


The main challenge was to implement gaming mechanics and control in a way beneficial for rehabilitation and with varying levels of physical engagement. We had to adapt inputs from proprietary controllers to be effective for in-game controls for various games. For instance, a “jump” action in “Limbo” is performed with a flick of the wrist. Binding such key inputs to certain movements of the controller allows patients to make repetitive motions without it feeling tedious

Final Result

Raccoon.Recovery online platform is beneficial for all parties. Automation, digital diagnosing and remote monitoring allows physiotherapists to save time which leads to up to 150% revenue increase for rehabilitation centres. Insurance companies can prognose costs and duration of treatment to cut costs, and patients get access to rehabilitation from anywhere that is up to 3 times more effective than traditional methods.


hospitals using the raccoon.recovery software


patients successfully went through recovery


collected in funding following the development

Patient Card

Each patient gets a card that displays their medical history, body parameters, contact data, diagnosis, rehab goals and plan, as well as progress over-time charts on their motion range and other related metrics.

LIST of Patients

Doctors get access to all current and recovered patients and can navigate between them easily, see all related data in their profiles, track progress and make adjustments to individual recovery plans.

Adding new exercises

We’ve made setting up of new exercises intuitive and straightforward. Physiotherapists and users can configure controls so that the actions that are performed most often in-game correspond with the required therapeutic exercises.

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