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Location: Germany
Industry: Human Resources








Client & Product

When YugoKraft founders came to us, they had the concept that covered an existing market
need and required help in its technological implementation.

Since each of the founders moved to Germany at a certain time, they understood like no one
else the challenges of relocating and finding jobs in the new country. Yugokraft platform
helps people willing to relocate to another country do so easily and effectively


Matching employers with prospective candidates was the biggest challenge of this platform.
Since employees don’t send their resumes to companies, we’ve had to come up with various
filters that will allow employers to find candidates that match their requirements

If the employer hires for the same position repeatedly, the platform can suggest similar
candidates to the ones they’ve hired using AI. AI also works to suggest candidates for
positions as soon as they’re created based on candidates that were hired for similar roles
previously. This speeds up the hiring process immensely as recruiters don’t have to go
through countless candidates that aren’t suited to the role.

Final Result

The platform allows for several types of accounts. Employers get easy access to a vast base
of employees and can filter them via various parameters.
Yugokraft representatives gain a global overview of each employer account and are able to
view all interviews and their results.
Employees, in turn, don’t have to send out dozens of CVs to various companies, instead
creating a profile once and approving interviews for jobs they’re interested in as
invitations come.

120 000+

open vacancies on the platform


in sales yearly


share value increase since launch

Employee Registration

We’ve made the registration process intuitive and straightforward. The registration takes only several minutes and that’s all the time an employee has to spend to find a job on the platform.

Candidates list

Employers can filter all candidates via a number of criteria such as level of education, age, languages, country, e.t.c, to find the applicants that fit their requirements perfectly.

Interview booking

Employers propose time and date for interview, which potential candidates can either confirm if they are interested in an interview, decline, or ask to reschedule to another time.

Client Review

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