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Location: Germany
Industry: Telecommunications


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Client & Product

Connect44 is a Switzerland System Integrator that offers professional services for enterprise mobile and IT networks with offices in 9 countries and more than a 1000 technical specialists.
With scaling of operations, manual tasks grew into a problem #1 for the company. Up to that point, excel sheets were used for tracking of all operations, and Connect 44 contacted us to develop a custom business automation solution.


The system overall consists of several applications that need to have various user roles with various levels of access as well as exchange data in real time seamlessly.
Creation of projects needed to be highly accurate as it reflected real-world objects. Sections, cables, and other project objects had to scale exactly and be highly flexible in their settings to accommodate the real-world topography.

Automating invoice creation required detailed algorithms as the Service List is quite complex and there is a large variety of jobs that can be included there, each of which should be calculated according to a separate set of rules.

Final Result

Infra 44 mobile app is available on Play and App Stores and can be used for documenting laying of networks, cable pulling, ditch excavation, and other works related to physical network creation. Workers and managers can document the segment progress, add photos as proof of work done or obstacles encountered and get a consultation from infra44 representatives via an in-built chat if any questions arise.

Administrators and representatives of the company have a web interface that’s integrated with highly detailed maps. It allows for storing multiple projects, real-time project status updates, and creating project designs on accurate, representative of real world maps, which allow for realistic time and cost estimates for the clients of Infra44.

Connect44 cuts operational costs, as tasks that would usually take up close to a day, such as invoice creation, are now performed automatically. Additionally, in most cases there’s no need for an on-sight representative, as contractors can upload photos that prove the work status without oversight.

Project report

A short report in form of table and graph allows administrators to get a quick overview of the project and the completeness of its stages

Civil engineering tab

The screen lists areas, sub areas, sections, and segments of the selected project for easy navigation.

Photopoint list

For each section and object, workers or managers need to make a photo that proves work completion. The screen lists photopoints that need to be done with their respective geolocations.

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