What is digitization and what are the benefits of using it for your business? Let’s figure it out


Digitization or digital transformation stands for a global trend that is leading to revolutionary changes in all our living and working environments. Above all, the widespread availability of the Internet is pushing companies to digitize paper documents. Potential customers can be reached anywhere and at all times via smartphone. To implement digitization smartly, there are digitization companies who specialize in it and have all necessary knowledge and equipment to make it work.

The new development in the technological field is changing rapidly the way in which we inform ourselves, communicate and consume. In order to remain competitive, it is imperative for companies to use digital technologies and digitize paper documents.

Digitalization affects companies across all industries and sectors: digitalization in healthcare, digitalization in care, digitalization in human resources, etc.

It challenges entrepreneurs and compels them to innovate. However, one thing is very clear: digital transformation offers unimagined and significant development opportunities. Numerous studies show that companies who implemented their smart digitalization strategy with a high level of digitization and regularly digitize paper documents are capturing market share. According to a 2019 study by the consulting firm, A.T. Kearney, companies with a highly digitized salesforce grow twice faster as the average company in terms of revenue.

What is digitization?

The concept of digitization refers to the transition from natural work processes into virtual processes – with the help of digital technologies. Existing processes in the company are modernized and accelerated.

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Advantages of digitization


Digital structures are deeply rooted in the company and thus have an impact on several levels: Technologies such as Blockchain or Big Data can transform the economy across industries. Solutions for planning, managing, and executing intra- and inter-company business processes such as ERP or CRM systems or a cloud help to organize more efficiently, automate standard tasks, simplify the exchange of data between employees and departments, and analyze business data.

Optimized and simplified processes

Essential information and valuable time are lost due to changing processes between analog and digital media. Digitizing business processes and decision to digitize paper documents allows the entire process to be transferred to one medium. As a result, all employees have access to the same data they need to optimally perform their work in an efficient way.
With the help of digitized and automated applications, processes such as sales can be considerably simplified. Thanks to cloud solutions, all employees can access important data regardless of their location, the time, or the device. Digitization can lead to a significant increase in productivity. In addition, a high degree of automation entails less manual intervention, which reduces process costs.

More effective use of data

Even small and medium-sized companies possess specific amounts of data. Much of it is lost or not even recorded. If you digitize paper documents, it helps to directly store accruing data, which can be made available in descriptive evaluations. In this way, you can use the data to evaluate it and thus make data-related decisions that optimize a wide variety of processes in the company.

Smart and cost-effective marketing + cost savings

By analyzing the data, you know exactly who your customers are, how old they are, etc. Based on this data, specific and targeted online advertising can be made. Ads and advertisements in the networks are much cheaper and more sustainable compared to classic print media, since no paper is used and the advertisement is only displayed to a predefined target group.

Smart and cost-effective marketing + cost savings

Digitization makes it possible to improve products and services in a way that creates added value for the customer. With the help of modern applications, they can receive all-round, professional service. Digital transformation effectively facilitates the everyday tasks of employees and saves time though customized applications. The positive effect from hr digitalization have already experienced our customers from Wahler, who ordered HR consulting service from us.

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Time saving

Spending hours printing and sorting documents is very time-consuming. If you digitize paper documents, it makes these processes faster and also makes it a lot easier to find documents. Typing of terms or tags allows quick searching in the cloud. Companies which do not involve digitization will have difficulties with staying competitive in future.

More efficient work

The digitization of business processes also means that work is no longer dependent on a place or time. Since, for example, data and information are stored on digital devices; they can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
Technological development enables us to adjust work to our lifestyle and personal needs. People who are free to organize their work and work remotely, for instance, dedicated development teams, are happier and therefore more productive. The benefits offered by digital working have a direct impact on productivity within a company.

Faster acquisition and long-term retention of customers

Digitization can be beneficial to companies, especially in terms of acquiring and retaining customers. This is because changes in the technological field also mean that customers need change. Those who react quickly to these changes can win new customers and ultimately retain them for a long time. Moreover, specific key figures can be read out and analyzed within seconds, and the marketing and production areas can be aligned promptly with the new findings.

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Minimal risks

The risks are minimal – yet you should know how to avoid them.

Since data is available online or on internal computers at all times, digitalization also entails certain risks. In addition to the risk of cyberattacks, consideration should also be given to the loss of data that can occur due to accidental deletions, failures and also backups which are not set up/functional.
In order for companies to take full advantage of all the benefits of digitization from A to Z, security measures are essential. These include securing the systems and certain permissions on internal systems for your employees, to protect against accidental loss of data.
We recommend that you seek help from external IT experts, if internal know-how is weak or is missing.

Impltech – Your Digitalization Consultant

Digitization and digital transformation are prerequisites for change and growth.
Through digital transformation in your company, data and information are more tangible than ever before. Your demanding customers are well catered in all aspects, and the flexibility of work increases the satisfaction of your employees on all conceivable levels. Flexibility is gained through digital and mobile processes that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Modern technologies enable the promotion of new and, above all, innovative business models, and help you develop new ideas, address a wider audience and use comprehensive tools to organize and control work.
Impltech is the partner at your side to help you achieve your goals. We support you in your digital start.
With individual tools, which are completely adapted to your own needs, we digitize paper documents in your company and help you to gain time and save costs. Digitization does not only lead to the optimization of individual processes, it also changes structures, organizations, as well as ways of thinking and seeing things.
Our digitization company is well prepared for the transformation in your company and we will provide you with experts who have the necessary know-how and years of experience. This means you can safely and quickly create a reliable application and leverage our extensive expertise for an industry-specific solution.

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Have more questions about digitalization?

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