Let’s find out what a CRM system is and why it is important for your business.


In our digital age, a steady and, above all, good relationship with customers is the key to ensuring business success.

Only about 50% of companies assume that their existing customer data is up-to-date, according to the results of a study, wherein 832 participants from various industries, business areas and company sizes took part.

Daily telephone calls with customers or making new contacts at a trade fair is synonymous to a huge amount of information that is very valuable for companies. This is where the problem arises in companies: Every single employee notes down a wide variety of information and does so in different ways. Essential details get lost due to different channels and often opportunities to retain an enthusiastic customer are wasted.

  • For a good third of the companies, contact persons, contact data, as well as data on previously purchased services and products are not completely available.
  • Also, only half of the companies assumed that their existing customer data is up-to-date and they badly needed web app development.
  • Four out of ten companies believe that customer information is not optimally exchanged between sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Although 89 percent of the companies surveyed now have a CRM system, many do not use it consistently. Even for a basic task, such as maintaining customer data, 12 percent of all companies resort to other software tools.

Establishing, maintaining and developing customer relationships are the beginning and end of survival on the market. It is only after you have created enthusiasm among customers that they will commit to a company in the long term and most likely make recommendations.
So it is no surprise that CRM systems are a standard feature for companies and many companies order CRM development to stay up-to-date.

What exactly is a CRM and why is CRM development so important?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on the customer. CRM refers to the philosophy of holistic customer orientation, whereby the main focus is on building and intensifying customer relationships. The focus is therefore on individual and personal communication, as well as customer care.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on the customer. CRM refers to the philosophy of holistic customer orientation, whereby the main focus is on building and intensifying customer relationships. The focus is therefore on individual and personal communication, as well as customer care. CRM allows full visibility across departments: marketing, sales, support:


  • Create landing pages
  • Launch marketing campaigns
  • Generate leads
  • Build a database
Organize customer information


  • Assign leads
  • Prioritize leads
  • Convert leads
  • Upsell and cross-sell
Build sales process


  • Investigate cases
  • Product service
  • Deliver orders
  • Issue invoices
Improve customer retention

Behind a CRM system is the software for managing customer relationships and automating all processes. In the CRM system, all customer information is stored in a database. Employees from all departments have access to the available and processed information and can thus impress with comprehensive and targeted support.

crm developmentIn short, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the management of the life cycle of marketing, sales, after-sales, and customer experience processes. Accordingly, a CRM system supports the management of customer communications, sales activities, service processes, and marketing campaigns.

For example, a CRM system can also be used by a sales team to better understand the sales pipeline and to increase sales opportunities. This actually happened to one of our clients, floral industry producer, who we developed an advanced custom CRM for. What progress have individual team members made and what is the current status of individual sales teams or products? Salespersons waste less time entering data and can focus on the customers instead.

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What are the advantages of custom CRM software development?

Transparency and flexibility

In a CRM system, all data is stored in a central location and all employees can access it, provided they have the authorization to do so. So, in the absence of an employee, all information can still be easily accessed. In addition, the team gains flexibility as CRM technologies allow work to be done from anywhere.
CRM systems also enable the flow of information between departments in a company to be interconnected.

Customer knowledge and strong ties

With a CRM system, you will get to have a better knowledge of your customers, as well as their needs and wants. You will find all the information about a contact in one place, allowing you to see all the information in conversations and respond to your customer in the best possible way.

Analytics and forecasting

CRM systems collect a lot of information about your customers, which helps you gain accurate insights that in turn allow you to instantly adjust your tactics and strategies. As a result, you can gain more targeted insights into your customers’ needs and serve them more precisely, optimize processes, or better adapt your products.
Thanks to a CRM system, you can therefore perform targeted analyses based on the huge data record, so as to determine the reasons for your success or failure, and to ultimately capture potential for improvement.


CRM systems enable the automation of a wide variety of workflows in marketing, sales and customer service. For example, mails or messages can be sent automatically with the aim of converting a lead into a customer. However, automation in sales and customer service also helps track customer interactions and automate sales cycle functions required to acquire new customers.

So, CRM automation can help automate manual processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Automations such as invoice creation make work easier in general.

The most requested CRM software features

develop crm system

How a CRM system helped a Canadian company increase overall efficiency from the sales departments by up to 50%.

We were contacted by a Canadian company, which served telecom customers,to have CRM development done for internal use. Due to the ever-changing business processes, the systems already available on the market were unsuitable for use at Business44.

Our CRM developers were involved into an all-encompassing CRM system development that is fully customizable; allows video and audio calls with customers; marketing automation in the form of email and SMS sending; as well as task management. Sales managers have access to information about customer behavior and can adjust strategies depending on the data collected. They also receive reports on the performance of individual sales reps and teams. All these led to an increase in the overall efficiency of the sales department by up to 50%.

custom crm development

When does it make sense to develop a customized CRM system?

The advantages and disadvantages with existing solutions are always the same.
Biggest advantage: You have an immediately available and, at first glance, cost-effective solution.
Biggest disadvantage: you never have all the features you need, whilst having features you will probably never need. This means your process is not accurately mapped and you can never fully automate.
At some point, every company reaches the point where it is determined that the standard CRM system is only of limited use. As soon as additional effort, which is usually compensated by manpower, becomes more expensive than having your own CRM system, it becomes a time to rethink.
In addition, there are factors that are difficult to measure, such as the loss of information, inefficient document management, customer sentiment, etc..

How impltech can also help you with CRM development

Thanks to our know-how and years of experience, we can offer you a comprehensive CRM system and other software development services that will benefit your entire company.
Our individual software can be adapted to your most diverse tasks and maps your process 100%.

Can your CRM reflect the mood of your customers? Our CRM systems can.
Benefit from numerous advantages and increase the productivity of all employees and departments in your company. Expand your contact management with our professional CRM software development along with stunning UI/UX design services. The improvement and automation of processes independently completes small tasks for you and makes your work easier. Achieve higher customer satisfaction and retention to increase your business success. Identify opportunities and create accurate forecasts.

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