Excellence and consistency are two things that distinguish the very best of businesses from the competition. Today, we prove to the world that not only are we good at what we do but we do it right every time.

We are proud to announce that we have been named by Clutch as top development company in Germany for the second year in a row.

Clutch is the most popular online review and rating platform that performs research on the B2B service companies. They accomplish this primarily through a unique verification process that investigates and confirms the legitimacy of information sources.
Reviews that make it through the said process are published on the platform and comprise the company’s overall score, so user’s can be 100% sure that all feedback they see on the website is genuine.


The fact that their 2022 research showcases us as one of their top picks for the top web development companies in Germany is a notable recognition for our company. Not only does it raise our reputation within the industry as a go-to web development agency in Berlin, but it also serves as a great internal motivator for our development teams.

What made us one of the best web development solutions providers in Germany?

Since 2017, we’ve become a trusted technology partner and top web development company for many German and worldwide businesses and built up a portfolio of success cases across various domains. Aside from technical expertise, we gained a deep understanding of industry specific requirements in niche fields such as Telecommunications.

In 2021 our top web development company helped over 15 clients improve their internal processes by introducing digitalization into core aspects of their companies, with 80% of completed projects including web development in some capacity, primarily in React and Angular. We’ve shown high levels of commitment and proved our ability to deliver consistently once again, which was reflected in the reviews of our clients.

It’s for this reason that we want to thank all of our clients and partners for helping us achieve this accolade. If it wasn’t for them taking time out of their day to write down and share their thoughts about our work, we would never even be considered for this award.

This is a most favourable position to be in at the start of the year. We will leverage this to further develop our marketing efforts, and help more businesses with their development needs.

Best of impltech 2021 Recap: Everything worth talking about.

2021 has been a very eventful year for impltech – web development company.
We’ve heightened our hiring standards and infused our HR team with strong leadership. Now more weight is given to soft skills, leadership qualities, and compatibility with both people and impltech’s culture. Furthermore, the search for hard to find in-demand positions, and the most common linear ones, isn’t stopped even when there’s no immediate need.

Despite the aforementioned changes and coronavirus difficulties, we’ve managed to expand our team from 40 developers at the start of the year, to 54 developers by its end, and are expecting to continue and beat this growth trend in 2022. We’ve conducted all HR activities with a long-term goal of forming effective and autonomous departments, identifying people with strong leadership potential and investing in their development.

impltech also moved to a new Berlin office and is now located at Rosenstraße 2, 10178 Berlin.
We invite our German partners, clients, and potential clients to visit us and meet face to face.

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We’ve expanded our service offering portfolio to include Product Discovery services, a consulting subcategory we’ve created based on the feedback of our startup customers who highly valued the deep technical expertise we brought to their projects. It helps startup founders and business owners turn their product ideas into well thought-out and tested product concepts.

We’ve also doubled our design team and started offering Design and Branding services that help established companies and startups alike attain the desired positioning in the market and develop their brand.

Due to rising demand for dedicated teams, we’ve worked hard to bolst our network of affiliated developers to include more niche technologies and engineers of all experience levels, and can now satisfy even the most extravagant of customer queries. These same engineers are also available for projects we do in-house if the situation depends, so the effective pool of engineering talent available for our clients is functionally several times larger than the number of employees we have.

What does the future hold for impltech?

The 2021 marked the shift from “Do what the customer asks you to, even if it’s not the best way to achieve his goals” to “Define the desired outcomes and figure out the perfect technological solution to the existing problem” for impltech web agency Berlin. In fact, 90% of our clients in 2021 trusted us to determine the most fitting technological solution that will achieve their goals.

impltech is moving on from the startup-like structure to well structured independent departments with clearly outlined areas of responsibility. A change in the making, that will allow us to grow faster than ever before, and which we expect to finish by the end of 2023. To prepare for this growth, we’re cultivating our HR brand to establish impltech as one of the best IT companies to work for in the area and attract top talent fast.

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We’ve noticed a recurring trend among our past customers to contact us for advice regarding their new technological ventures, or guidance on how to best achieve their business goals with the help of technology.
Aware of the demand, we hired experienced business analysts who worked at world’s top consulting firms, and formalized this guidance into a separate Digital Consulting service, which combines the insights from professional business analysts and deep technical expertise of our engineers to advise companies on Digital transformation and how to achieve their business goals utilizing the combination of current trends & latest technologies.

To gain insight into the impltech Digital Consulting and the value it brings to the customers, take a look at a recent asset tokenization project, where we’ve assisted a real estate developer in attracting investments through tokenization of their properties. Another exemplar case study to examine, a project where we helped a Human Resources consulting firm to transform their service offering into a scalable product available on the web and expand their target audience.

Having realized the value of our technical insights, we’ve invested into content production and created a department responsible solely for creating it. In 2022, we’ll supply potential clients and partners with the most relevant information on software development best practices from the business standpoint, the benefits certain technologies can bring to business, and other practically applicable information that will be highly valuable to business owners and senior managers alike.
Follow our linkedin and stay tuned for enlightening blog posts and in-depth whitepapers on software development and how to apply it for the benefit of your business.

If your business is in need of digital transformation experts that can gain insight into your operations, use that knowledge to define the areas for optimization, and introduce comprehensive digitalization into your business, we are the ones for you. You may contact our team through our website, phone number, or email address.

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Sergej Hermoni

Sergej Hermoni is Managing Director and co-founder of impltech and the expert when it comes to business development in real estate and finance. He has a deep understanding of the customer journey and the development of optimal customer experiences. Sergej completed his business studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin and wrote several academic papers on financial market efficiency and portfolio optimization. Before impltech, he worked for several companies in Berlin, London and New-York and was responsible for digitalization projects at banks and insurance companies.

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