Report „The State of Shopping App Marketing für das Jahr 2020“

The number of e-commerce apps installed has increased by 25%.

Between March and April 2020, a 35% increase in installations for e-commerce apps alone was measured.

The average revenue per user of retail apps increased by 36% from November 2019 to April 2020 in Europe.

If you are reading this article, you are certainly concerned with the introduction of mobile applications by your company.
Making such a decision, you join a major market trend: clients are demanding more and more services to be available on mobile and choosing dedicated applications over web versions.

The use of mobile devices as well as apps has significantly increased in recent years. People are increasingly relying on mobile for everything, and this won’t change in the foreseeable future.

Mobile applications make it possible to place your goods and services right next to your customer. The best way to get an appealing app is to hire mobile application development company.

But client-oriented apps are not the only category seeing a rise.
Internal enterprise applications are changing key procedures in companies and significantly increase the satisfaction levels and productivity of teams.

The implementation prospects are manifold for your business. applications can be installed on all the devices available to simplify many procedures and reimagine a number business processes.

Reasons to order mobile application development

mobile app development services

Here’s an example of the profit one can get from mobile application development services. Intercontinental Hotel Group hotel chain released their mobile booking application in Q1 2010. Mobile booking increased by 1000 in one year after the launch of the app. Costs of sales were about 50% of the revenue in 2009, and in 2011, they were much lower (43,6%).

  • With the help of an app, customers can be reached at any moment via push notifications since our phones are the primary way we communicate with the outside world. You can place your goods and services directly on the screens of your prospective or existing customers.
  • Using apps is now also easier than ever: thanks to faster devices, larger screens, and new navigation options like voice control, face and fingerprint recognition, apps are getting more and more comfortable to use.
  • One other often-overlooked factor is that the app icon with your company logo on the device screen will serve as a reminder of your mobile app development firm every time the user sees your app on the screen of their smartphone or tablet.
  • Do your business rivals already have an app? It doesn’t matter, there are advantages in any case. When you introduce an app to the market, which differs from the rivals, naturally, it draws some attention. For that reason, you should scrutinize your rival’s app: are there any bottlenecks there? What is successful? Which features lack?

What advantages does enterprise application development bring?

  • Remote work, home office and self-determined schedules are shaping the new standard working environment. And enterprise applications can pave the way for the modernization of your company to comply with the expectations of the new, more demanding, workforce. Sometimes your employees are not at their working stations in the office for several reasons: they are in the home office, on a business trip or in the field. Sometimes you may cooperate with dedicated teams from abroad. Custom enterprise app development
    to your company ensures that your team can stay 100% productive whether they are in the office or not. Work stops being bound to a certain place. Another way in which such applications increase productivity, is when employees have a task that can be completed in a few minutes, most would choose to do it even outside the work hours.
  • Thanks to a mobile application, your team can have access to necessary documents and information with any device. They can keep up-to-date and take part in the business of the company at any time. An enterprise app reduces reaction time and accelerates the decision making process. Your colleagues can optimally use documents and information at business meetings with clients or partners thanks to their availability at any place and any time.
  • Procedures in your company can be digitized, which increases efficiency and establishes a new, flexible working environment.

“Mobile Readiness for Work 2019” studies by YouGov on behalf of Deloitte with about 2000 interviewed employees show:

More than 50% of employees believe mobile applications can increase efficiency.

Every second interviewed person believes that mobile devices help increase flexibility and improve internal communications.

Internal applications are an advanced technology, which will exist in the future and be a standard in every modern company sooner or later. And the earlier you take the steps towards the transformation of your business, the earlier you can reap the benefits.
The introduction of mobile applications — for your team or your clients — is a decisive competitive factor for businesses of any size and industry.

The term “application” encompasses a wide variety of software.
We can show you the difference between Native, Web, Hybrid and Progressive Web apps below.

Native App Development

These apps have a high level of functionality and speed which makes user experience extremely convenient.

The bandwidth of the application is very high because a native app directly uses the interface of the target platform. Furthermore, it has access to all platform specific hard- and software functions like data, GPS, acceleration sensors, microphone and camera.

A drawback is that it is impossible to shift between different software platforms, for example, an Android app cannot run on an iPhone and vice versa. As a rule, different versions should be developed for various operating systems for native apps to run on many platforms. Sometimes, updates are also connected to the increased costs, because they should also be adapted to the operating system changing requirements and be backward compatible.

Web App Development

These apps can be accessed through the browser of a mobile device and use Web standards like HTML5 or JavaScript. Consequently, these apps are optimized for mobile device usage and can be invoked through a browser from any device. Web apps cannot access all hardware and platform components.

Data transfer speed available is a limiting factor for this kind of application. A slow Internet connection can lead to interactivity delays. However, this web app drawback is playing less of a role lately thanks to the increasing Internet connection speed.

Hybride App Development

This app type unites the advantages of native apps and Web apps. It accesses many hard- and software components of mobile devices and can run on various platforms at the same time.

Hybrid apps run on various mobile devices and PCs as well as diverse operating systems.

Advantages of the app are reduced maintenance costs and the cheaper and faster initial stage of development.

The disadvantages of hybrid apps are weak performance in comparison with native apps and compromises in terms of user experience.

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web apps can be installed and present an app-like experience on Desktops and mobile devices, and can be accessed directly through Web. These Web apps are fast, reliable and run on every browser.

Progressive apps should make double development redundant since they can be invoked like a Website through URL and provide Offline-functionality at the same time.

The future is mobile!

The latest years have shown us how indispensable it is to have access to documents and information wherever we are. Smart enterprise apps support you and your team and result in increased efficiency and productivity. If you order mobile apps development services, you are as close to your clients as possible like one of our recent clients who ordered an iOS complex application for professional traders.

impltech is your reliable partner in the development of any apps. What is the result of our work? Software that fits all your requirements perfectly, and personalized support.

You can learn more about our app development services here

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